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Senest revideret i maj 2016. Arbejdsgruppen bestod af: Jan Gerstoft, Alex Laursen, Suzanne Lunding, Peer Brehm Christensen, Christian Erikstrup, Terese Katzenstein, Alex Laursen, Birgitte Mørn og Nina Weis.

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…re research:Margolis et al: Latency reversal and viral clearance to cure HIV-1. Science. 2016; 253: aaf6517 PREP og PEP:Fonner et al. Effectiveness and safety of oral HIV preexposure prophylaxis for all populations: AIDS 2016 Jul 31;30(1…

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JAMA Current Issue
… in adults. The drug blocks calcitonin gene-related peptide ligand—a potent vasodilator that modulates nociceptive trigeminal neurons involved in the pathophysiology of cluster headaches. Patients can self-inject galcanezumab, marketed as Emgality.

AIDS - Published Ahead-of-Print
We report data from an observational cohort of South African children living with HIV

The Journal of Infectious Diseases Advance Access
…tant roles in pathogenesis. Previously, we have shown that two Enterococcus faecium proteins, the secreted antigen A and the peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase, as well as the Enterococcus faecalis polysaccharide diheteroglycan are able to induce op…

Latest Results for BMC Infectious Diseases
…ted of having gastric malignancy or acid peptic diseases, polymerase chain reaction for Mycobacterium tuberculosis could be used as an available and sensitive diagnostic test in addition to pathology, acid-fast bacilli smear staining and culture.

JAMA Current Issue
A combination of visual and auditory stimulation reduced brain amyloid-β peptide (Aβ) and improved memory in mouse models of Alzheimer disease (AD), according to recent preclinical research.

The Journal of Infectious Diseases Advance Access
…at pretreatment with ILT5 blocking peptide improved the survival and pulmonary pathology of septic mice. Together, our study identified ILT5 as an immunosuppressive regulator during sepsis, which may provide potential therapeutic strategy for sepsis.

Latest Results for Malaria Journal
…can release kinins to the extracellular space after internalization of host kininogen inside erythrocytes and these released peptides could represent an important mechanism in liver pathophysiology by activation of calcium signaling pathway in endoth…

Latest Results for Malaria Journal
…vMSP-7 expression to genetic markers of life cycle stage. Plasma from vivax malaria patients was also assayed using a custom peptide microarray to measure antibody responses against the coding regions of 12 MSP-7 paralogs. …

Latest Results for BMC Infectious Diseases
…r leprosy with an annual incidence of 5–10/10,000. In May/June, 2015 single-dose Rifampicin post-exposure prophylaxis (SDR-PEP) was administered to 269 close contacts of 70 leprosy-patients in four villages as a pilot programmatic intervention. Two…

The Journal of Infectious Diseases Advance Access
…sed immunoglobulin gene cloning and recombinant expression approach was applied to express monoclonal antibodies from HCV E2-peptide-binding IgG+ memory B cells. We identified highly mutated antibodies with neutralizing effect in vitro against differ…

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HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…es, onions, broccoli cabbage, zucchini, beans, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, coffee, cocoa, avocados, and coconuts. The production of these crops belongs to most valuable segments of the global food industry. Thus, the disappearance

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…http://promedmail.org/post/20190523.6483054] that "The virus displays symptoms akin to _Tomato brown rugose fruit virus_ or _Pepino mosaic virus_" is inaccurate. STV [_Southern tomato virus_] was initially reported from symptomatic tomatoes in the US…

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…nt Disease -- United States_Impatiens necrotic spot virus_ (INSV) was confirmed by the [University of Massachusetts] on pepper [capsicum] seedlings grown in a greenhouse. Symptoms of INSV on pepper include leaf distortion and tan or brown lesion…

Eurosurveillance: Most Recent Articles
…uropean guidelines recommend contact tracing of passengers and crew within 5 days of exposure for post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), and within 12 days of exposure for informing passengers and crew, in order to prevent further transmissions. To be effe…

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…. Chevalier V, Pepin M, Plee L, Lancelot R. Rift Valley fever -- a threat for Europe? Euro Surveill. 2010; 15(10): pii=19506; .3. European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Rift Valley fever outbreak in Mayotte, France. Stockholm: ECDC;

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…f Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) has confirmed chronic wasting disease (CWD) in a male deer (buck) legally harvested in Culpeper county in November 2018.A cooperating taxidermist submitted the sample to DGIF in late January [2019]. At the time …

Eurosurveillance: Most Recent Articles
…Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) groups were beta-lactam antibacterials/penicillins (J01C), other antibacterials (J01X) (e.g. glycopeptide antibacterials, polymyxins), quinolones (J01M), sulfonamides and trimethoprim (J01E), and other beta-lactams (J01D). …

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
Rabies -- MalaysiaRef: Parize P, Dacheux L, Larrous F, Bourhy H. The shift in rabies epidemiology in France: Time to adjust rabies post-exposure risk assessment. Euro Surveill. 2018; 23(39): pii=1700548. Received: 2 Aug 2017; Accepted: 11 F…

Eurosurveillance: Most Recent Articles
… from 1995 to 2016, describing and analysing data on human rabies surveillance as well as data on post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) collected from the network of French antirabies clinics. Over the study period, seven individuals were diagnosed with ra…

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…s infection. CMV (cucumber mosaic virus) is the primary problem, and the secondary being TSWV [tomato spotted wilt virus] on peppers [capsicum]. The problems are especially big in unheated greenhouses.Due to excessive virus damage, the [2018] sea…